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Alternative Therapies in Panama City

Alternative therapies find a place in the heart of the person seeking help for his or her addictions and it provides a way to calm the storm many addicts feel within. Alternative therapies have been used as part of addiction rehab for a long time. Individuals seeking treatment for chemical dependency or any other addictions will find these alternative therapies are part of the recovery programs at most drug rehab centers.

Art therapy, for instance, helps patients use their creative expression to get in touch with their inner feelings, and other emotions they may have never confronted. This program can help individuals in recovery overcome negative emotions that may be linked to addiction. Art therapy is also effective in helping to deal with problems linked to addiction or other mental disorders, such as depression and anxiety. The brain actually releases chemicals such as serotonin thanks to creative expression. These chemicals help fight depression. A lot of creative energy is released through art therapy. This is one of the most effective therapies to help addicts overcome the obstacles blocking progress during recovery.

Art therapy allows individuals in recovery to create tangible expressions that reflect their inner feelings. These expressions may reveal things about the person he or she didn’t know about such as fears and motivations. Once these feelings are released, therapists work with each patient to confront any negative emotions that may arise which may have slowed down or stopped the recovery process. The inner strength each individual has is ultimately revealed and he or she is empowered to take control of his or her life.

Some of the benefits of joining an art therapy program during addiction treatment are:
• Creating art that allows the individual in recovery to communicate his or her feelings.
• Having the guidance of therapists to channel the creative energy in a constructive way.
• A judgment-free atmosphere that allows the individual to break through negative emotions.
• Being part of a group of people with common goals, forging new and healthier relationships in recovery, and developing socials skills.
• Art therapy can become an emotional channel that helps the individual gain more trust in self, have a healthy relationship with the therapist, and help speed up the healing process.

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