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Panama City Drug Abuse Programs

Drug abuse is the problematic use of any substance that alters mood or mental state. Panama City drug abuse programs are available to cater to individuals who are ready to rid themselves of their specific substance abuse issues. This is not limited to illicit drugs – legal substances like alcohol, cannabis and pain pills can also be abused and eventually lead to an addiction. If use of a substance interferes with a person’s life or presents a significant risk of developing an addiction, it is considered to be abuse.

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The Most Commonly Abused Drugs


Stimulants act on the central nervous system to give the user a feeling of energy and motivation. A number of common stimulants can be used safely and without problems, such as caffeine. The more intense stimulants present a serious risk of developing an addiction with regular use, however.

Some examples of stimulants that are frequently abused include methamphetamine, cocaine, crack, khat and MDMA.


In contrast to stimulants, depressants are used to induce relaxation and sleep. They are often used to treat anxiety and related psychological symptoms. As with stimulants, however, they present a risk of addiction. And as with stimulants, the more intense they are, the greater the risk is.

Drugs derived from opium are the most commonly abused depressants. These include legally prescribed pain pills such as OxyCodone and Vicodin as well as illicit street drugs like heroin. Codeine and morphine also fall into the opiate classification. Other types of depressants that are abused and can cause addiction include benzodiazepines, barbiturates, cannabis and methaqualone (Quaaludes).


Hallucinogens strongly alter perception, often causing visual or auditory hallucinations. Drugs that are known primarily as hallucinogens, such as LSD and magic mushrooms, are not considered addictive. However, this class overlaps in many cases with both stimulants and depressants. For example, the THC in marijuana is psychoactive and can cause hallucinations in large doses. MDMA can also cause hallucinations.

Symptoms of Addiction

Symptoms will also vary depending on the drug. Addicts of any substance will almost always become more socially withdrawn, however, and also begin engaging in more risky behavior. Theft to support their habit is not uncommon, and relationships with family and loved ones will often become very strained. They may also disappear for long periods of time. If they are abusing prescription medication they may engage in “doctor shopping”, or continual visits to many different doctors in an attempt to secure more prescriptions.

Overcoming Drug Abuse

Drug abuse can be beaten with the right drug abuse treatment and a comprehensive long-term plan. Panama City drug treatment facilities can provide these things and offer the best possible chance of beating an addiction and keeping it at bay.

There is hope for a better life with drug treatment centers Panama City. Call today to start treatment or visit your local Narcotics Anonymous ( to share your story with others.

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