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Alcohol Abuse in Panama City FL

Alcohol abuse is perhaps the most prevalent and common substance abuse problems in the nation. However, because alcohol is a legal substance, many people fail to recognize the signs and symptoms of alcohol abuse until the problem is extreme and perhaps even life-threatening. The concept that a person needs to hit rock-bottom before they can overcome alcohol abuse and/or addiction is a dangerous and potentially deadly concept. Learn about what constitutes alcohol abuse and the negative effects it can have on a person, so that you can be well-equipped to help yourself or your friends and family overcome an alcohol abuse problem before it takes a deadly turn. Drug Treatment Centers Panama City can offer the addict and their loved ones the knowledge and support necessary to overcome the disease and find freedom from addiction. Call us at 850-460-3169 and speak to an addiction specialist now.

Ways In Which Alcohol Is Abused

The best way to be able to detect a possible drinking problem in yourself or people that you are close with, is to know the different ways in which alcohol can be abused. It is important to note that a single instance of any of these uses of alcohol does not necessarily constitute abuse. Mistakes do happen, and while it is not good for you, it does not qualify as abuse. If negative drinking behaviors become frequent, this could be a sign of alcohol abuse.

Binge Drinking

Binge drinking is also sometimes known as heavy episodic drinking. When a person binge drinks, it means they are drinking to excess with the primary intention or purpose of getting intoxicated or drunk. Binge drinking is characterized by drinking large quantities of alcohol in a short period of time, thus rapidly raising the blood alcohol level at a faster than normal rate.

The standard accepted rates of alcohol consumption that constitute binge drinking are 5 drinks in two hours for males or 4 drinks in two hours for females. Anything at or over this level is considered binge drinking. Young adults around college age (18 to 24) are often thought to be the demographic most likely to binge drink. However, the CDC (Centers for Disease Control) report that adults over the age of 65 actually binge drink more frequently than young adults.

Binge drinking can be extremely dangerous to a person’s health and safety. Even one instance of binge drinking can lead to unintentional injuries such as falls, car accidents, or the like as well as intentional injuries or harm inflicted to others such as physical fighting or sexual assault. Binge drinking can also cause blood alcohol poisoning if too much alcohol is consumed in a short period of time. Additional health concerns can include high blood pressure, stroke, liver disease, and sexual dysfunction, among various other health conditions.

Blackout Drinking

Another form of alcohol abuse comes in the form of drinking to the point of blackout. Blackout drinking is much like anterograde amnesia in that the person who blacks out cannot recall or remember the events from a certain period of time. These blackouts brought on by the excessive consumption of alcohol are known as blackout drinking or being blackout drunk. This does not mean that the person loses consciousness during the blackout but instead does not recall their actions after a certain blood alcohol level was reached.

Alcohol abuse is a serious problem in the United States. While not everyone who abuses alcohol is an alcoholic or develops an alcohol addiction, alcohol abuse can lead to such problems, and poses serious health risks in and of itself. Therefore, if you recognize any of the signs of alcohol abuse in yourself or others you care about, address the issue sooner rather than later to maintain health and safety for you, your loved ones, and those who encounter you. Call Drug Treatment Centers Panama City today at 850-460-3169 and get the specialized attention necessary to overcoming this potentially deadly disease.

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