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Dual Diagnosis Panama City FL

A dual diagnosis means that two conditions have been diagnosed in a patient and they both require treatment. For cases involving addiction, the second condition is often a mental illness; this can also work the other way around. While one condition may have led to the other, both must be treated to ensure that the patient can lead a fulfilling and productive life. Treating only part of a dual diagnosis often dooms the person to continue with both issues. Dual diagnosis is a complex illness and likely demands both professional medical and psychological assistance. If you or a loved one is suffering from a dual diagnosis, seek help from Drug Treatment Centers Panama City today at 850-460-3169. Our highly qualified and experienced staff provides the knowledge, tools, and support necessary to overcome the ailment long-term.

Understanding the Problems behind a Dual Diagnosis

Almost one-third of people who are diagnosed with a mental illness also have a problem with substance abuse, according to the National Alliance on Mental Illness. One-third of alcohol abusers have a mental illness; while about one-half of those who abuse drugs suffer from a mental condition. It is likely for people to turn to alcohol or drugs because of a mental illness and substance can bring out the condition. For instance, someone may self-medicate to suppress feelings of depressions or anxiety. In addition to this, a person may develop a mental illness due to a serious and prolonged drug or alcohol addiction.

The Complexities of Co-Existing Disorders

People who have more than one diagnosis have a harder time being treated successfully. They may fail to continue with addiction therapy when the mental illness has worsened. They are more likely to become violent or even attempt suicide. One of the issues for people with more than one condition is that the treatment they receive focuses on only one disorder. Without getting help for both problems, the risk of relapse is much higher.

It may even be difficult to diagnose both issues. Family and friends may recognize one problem, but assume the other is just a symptom. They believe that if the issue is taken care of, the other problems will go away. For instance, they may assume that the depression will disappear once a drug or alcohol addiction has been treated. They may feel that excessive alcohol consumption occurs because of the mental illness. In reality, both issues need equal attention and treatment.

Recognizing Multiple Disorders

The first place to look is at family history. If a person has family that suffered from mental illness and addiction, the risk is greater that he or she will also have the same conditions. Consider how drugs and alcohol affect the person’s mental health. He or she may get depressed when drinking. If treatment for one condition has failed in the past, it may be due to the presence of a second disorder. The presence of symptoms will continue even while you are in treatment. You may notice that the depression is not as pronounced when the person is not drinking, but it will not completely go away.

Treatment Options

The best results come from finding a facility that provides treatment for both conditions. While you can treat both disorders separately, you will achieve greater success when they are dealt with in the same program. Drug Treatment Centers Panama City has the dual diagnosis treatment programs necessary for life-long success. Upon arrival, patients are evaluated and placed in the program that is most beneficial to their unique needs. During the treatment, the person will learn about both the substance abuse and mental illness and work on discovering the underlying causes for both. He or she will also learn coping skills that replace the negative behaviors of before.

Even with the complex nature of co-existing disorders, there is still hope for recovery. The road to health may be long, but the staff here at Drug Treatment Centers Panama City can help you find it. Call 850-460-3169 now and speak to an addiction specialist, determined to get you the help you deserve.

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